Photo: Johnte Lange

Photo: Johnte Lange


My name is Tal Lemmens. I am an Ocean Artist based along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

The ocean has always been something that I have been connected to from a young age. I am grateful to my father for introducing me to the sea and surfing. Stumbling across old film photos of his surf trips intrigued and showed me that photos could promote a story – a lifestyle. Triggering my interest in photography. 

I am a passionate creator. I strive to promote inquisitiveness and emotive feelings through my images, giving viewers a connection to the moment. No matter what, the ocean will always be a part of me –  it is my lifeblood. I am consigned to the sea.

I am greatly humbled that you have stopped by to view my work, thank you.

Kind regards,


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Photo: Johnte Lange

Photo: Johnte Lange

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